Working with The One

We’re heading into the holiday season, and with all of the Christmas celebrations AND planning a wedding, you might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed! There are ways you can make the lead up to your wedding less stressful, and one of them is working with one florist to bring to life your vision for your perfect wedding flowers. It can be tempting to shop around to try and get the best possible deal, but what you might not realize is that working with one florist on your wedding flowers, from bouquet to ceremony and reception styling can result in considerable savings, especially if your florist is a smart shopper. Here’s a couple of reasons why choosing a florist, and sticking with them for planning the entirety of your big day can make smart financial, and floral, sense:

  1. You’ve got so much to plan already… Having to manage multiple vendors JUST when it comes to flowers can be a nightmare! Not only does working with one florist mean one email address, one friendly face and one invoice, it also means nothing gets missed between managing multiple vendors. You never have to wake up in a cold sweat wondering who’s doing what.
  2. Working with one florist means your colour palette, flower selection, floral style and quality will remain consistent throughout all of your wedding flowers. By choosing to work with someone you love across all of your floral elements, you know that the look you’re going for will be carried through each component of your wedding day.
  3. Working with one florist means you only have to pay one set of delivery fees.
  4. The main reason to work with one florist is that a smart flower shoper can use full bunches of flowers across the design of each element. For example a hand tied bridal bouquet ‘’recipe’’ might require only two soft pink garden roses, along with other flowers and foliage to create lots of texture and interest. A florist will have to purchase a whole bunch of roses from their wholesaler, as this is how they are sold – you can’t buy just two roses on their own. As there are ten roses in a bunch and only two are required to be used in the bouquet, your florist will be left with eight roses. If your florist doesn’t get to use these roses that they have ordered in especially for your wedding, then they may get wasted and the bride would be charged for this. BUT, if you work with one florist, and get them to create your table centre pieces and ceremony flowers, those remaining eight roses can be used, making your designs more economical. Music to a bride’s ears!

Below is an example of a stunning wedding where Bella Bloom Floral Designs created everything from the flower girl's crown, to bridesmaids bouquets, to the ceremony wreath, guest table arrangements and the cake topper! Bel and Jeff and their little dog Chase held their beautiful wedding held at Mirra in Fortitude Valley, and the images were taken by Stories by Ash.

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