One of the Best Florists in Brisbane Explains the Meaning of Vintage

Since you’re getting married (congratulations, by the way!) you’ll no doubt have fallen down the rabbit hole of trying to find your bridal style.  There are so many options for the newly engaged, which can be complicated by the fact that some of the words we in the industry use to describe trends mean different things to different people! Case in point: what does ‘vintage’ mean, anyway?

Florists Brisbane Answers the age old question

The vintage trend has typically been associated with burlap and lace, but vintage weddings can be so much more! With the help of florists in Brisbane and other vendors, your vintage wedding can be glamorous, if it’s inspired by the roaring ‘20’s, elegant and feminine, just like the ‘50’s, or shabby chic, using your grandmother’s plates. A vintage wedding is only limited by your imagination!

This week, I thought I’d share some of my favourite vintage weddings, both ones I’ve created for some of my beautiful brides, as well as some I’d love to recreate via Pinterest!

1920’s – The Great Gatsby

The 1920's are a little easier to visualize, thanks to The Great Gatsby’s wild parties. Think Calla Lillys, feathers and Art Deco lustreware vases dripping with Phalaenopsis Orchids. Patterns were geometric, dresses were flapper-inspired, and glitz was the order of the evening!

1950’s – Pearls, Gloves and Pretty China Teacups

This was a decade defined by decorum, elegance, and etiquette. For example, a woman simply wouldn’t be seen in public without her gloves and pearls! The era is characterised by lace dresses (often with tea-length hems!), large cascading bouquets choc full of flowers. As an expert florists in Brisbane chat with me on how to replicate this look. Moreover, traditional, classic wedding receptions featured Wedgewood china, white roses, cut glass, and silver on damask cloths. 

1960’s – Burlap, Bunting and Grandmother’s Plates

This is probably the genre that’s most typically labelled ‘vintage’.  Two types of bouquet trends emerged during the 60’s. They were either quite compact bouquets (often designed in a bridie holder) or they were wild and ‘’unpolished’’ as if picked from mum’s garden. Brides who adore this casual, warm and inviting style of wedding usually love baby’s breath, open David Austin roses and pretty spring blooms like ranunculus included in their wedding bouquets, topping their floral look off with a stunning flower crown! I just love creating these looks, all the while being as environmentally friendly as florists for Brisbane can be.

As you can see, there are as many different types of vintage as there are brides! The moral of the story is, in order to make sure your vendors are on the same page, a picture tells a thousand words. Fill your Pinterest boards, create a mood board, cut pictures out of magazines… often wedding vendors (especially florists for Brisbane!) are visual people, so the more examples you can show us of your bridal style, the better we’ll be able to help you bring it to life on your wedding day (and of course make it uniquely yours).

If you’re planning a vintage wedding, Bella Bloom Floral Designs will be showcasing our favourite trend at the Brisbane Vintage Bridal Fair on the 15th of February. Bridal fairs like the Vintage Bridal Fair are such a great opportunity to meet potential vendors in person, and see the quality of their work – and I’d love to meet you there! If you’re planning on attending, send me an email at and I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for you!

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