7 Ways to Get The Most Out of A Bridal Fair

It’s Bridal Expo season again, and with the Queensland Brides Magazine Wedding Expo on this weekend, I thought I would put together some of the tips I’ve learned from having a stall at, and attending quite a few bridal expos in my time!

  1. Know who’s going to be at the event, and make a beeline for vendors you’ve already got your eye on. Wedding fairs can be super overwhelming, especially if you’ve just gotten engaged, but they are an opportunity to talk to a whole lot of vendors in person. There will be a bunch of people there who aren’t your style, so save time and talk to the guys you had your eye on already!
  2. If you’re specifically going to check out florists, use wedding fairs as an opportunity to see their work in real life. Hold the bouquets they’ve brought along (they should definitely bring along bouquet samples!) to see how heavy they are, and how big or small they are in real life. This will give you a great idea of exactly what you’ll get for your dollar.
  3. Be selective about who you give your email address to, unless you want to be bombarded with special discounts, offers and newsletters! Check out the vendors you really like, and consider who you’d like to hear more from, and make sure you sign up to their mailing lists.
  4. If I were a bride, I’d definitely be making my way to The Bride’s Market stall (not just because that’s where Bella Bloom Floral Designs will be set up!) The Bride’s Market showcases a number of hand picked vendors in one place, so you’ll be able to see the cream of the crop in just one stall.
  5. Go early - that way you’ll have more of a chance to speak to the bridal vendors you actually want to talk to. Wedding expos can get super busy, and the best vendors will be run off their feet, so if you want to get some one on one time, it’s better to beat the crowds.
  6. Touch, feel, experience! Wedding expos are a chance for vendors to show off, and one of the best chances you’ll have to see what your vendors can produce outside of your own wedding day. Sometimes visualisation can be difficult, especially if this is the first wedding you’ve planned, so use a wedding expo as a chance to experience what certain elements of your wedding will be like before the big day.
  7. Take your mum, bridesmaids, girlfriends - but leave your hubby-to-be at home. You’ll only scare him, or he’ll get sick of traipsing around the stalls after about 10 minutes!

Any tips other brides-to-be would add to the list? Will you be attending the Queensland Brides Magazine Wedding Expo this weekend?